Claire Holt And Phoebe Tonkin Get Ready For ‘The Originals’ [PHOTOS]

TVD In Monte Carlo
The CW stars gathered in Monaco in 2010.
The CW’s highly anticipated spin-off, The Originals will be introduced on The Vampire Diaries’ April 25th episode, and on March 11th, Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin were photographed in New Orleans, where they will film the pilot.

Holt plays one of the original vampires, Rebekah, sister to the evil-ass Klaus (Joseph Morgan).  Tonkin plays Hayley, a werewolf who helped Tyler break his sire bond with Klaus. 

Back in February, the CW announced that the April 25th episode would act as a “backdoor” pilot to the new series, which finds Klaus back in New Orleans, a city he help to build one hundred years ago.

Are you excited for The Originals?  Do you think it will do well?