Claire Danes “Honored” As Hasty Pudding’s Woman Of The Year [PHOTOS]

Quite The (Nip) Slip Up
Danes is a good sport, but she's not always so classy!
Claire Danes isn’t just stylish, but a pretty good sport, too!

Yesterday afternoon, Danes was crowned the guest of “honor” at Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals. What for? Receiving the “celebrated” Pudding Pot and being declared Hasty Pudding’s 2012 Woman of the Year.

Her coronation included the cross-dressing theater group parading Danes about as they lobbied insults at her. Meanwhile, her husband, Hugh Dancy, enjoyed a front row seat in the Bentley turned impromptu float.

The Hastys playfully mocked Danes for many things, from her Yale drop out to her lackluster movie, Stardust. Despite the verbal abuse, Danes remained delighted, calling the experience “epic,” “wackadoodle” and “utterly trippy.” On her way to her theater seat, she fell down and she even popped a button on her dress during the show. But Danes remained unfazed throughout the entire event, remarking, “I feel proud and debased.”

Well, that sounds like a pretty unforgettable way to spend a Friday afternoon, that’s for sure.