Circus Elephants Get Cray On Vodka

Kelly Lynch | December 17, 2012 - 5:14 pm

Oh my stars.

Jezebel reports that two Indian circus elephants tied one on while being transported through Siberia, Russia.  The truck caught fire, rendering everyone (humans and animals) stranded on a freezing highway.

To keep the elephants warm and prevent frost bite, handlers mixed two cases of vodka with water.

The result: A rousing good time in Siberia. 

“They roared like it was the jungle.  Must have been happy,” a local official said of the phants.

The handlers made the elephants run around so that they wouldn’t freeze, until they were rescued and warmed up in a heated garage.

Things went so well (only minimal frost bite), that they were able to perform their act in Omsk, Poland.

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