Cindy Crawford Scrubs Her Boobies Clean For ‘Allure’

As anyone with breasts knows, those things can get downright filthy, especially if they’re exposed to the elements. Supermodel Cindy Crawford shows off an enviable hard body in a photoshoot for Allure’s Age Issue.

In another picture, the fashion icon performs the blasphemous act (I can’t look) of ripping a loaf of bread in half. I know it’s all in the name of fashion, but that’s just…cruel.

43-year-old Cindy reveals her beauty secret, which includes extra special care taken of “[her] hands and [her] decollete.” Yes, Cindy, we’re feasting our eyes on those hands and decollete of yours. In fact, you’re making me seriously consider getting those decollete implants I’ve been thinking about.

Gallery Info: Cindy Crawford
poses for the Age Issue of Allure and Harper’s magazine.