Cindy Crawford Doesn’t Do Kiddie Porn

November 21st, 2006 // 4 Comments

Cindy Crawford needs all the pervs to stop thinking their perv thoughts.

According to Starpulse:

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has hit back at criticism she received earlier this year for allowing her young daughter to be photographed in a bikini and insists the photos were entirely innocent. Crawford’s then four-year-old daughter Kaya posed for the swimsuit shots, and she and husband Rande Gerber came under fire after some critics labeled the photos inappropriate.

She explains, “My friend has a swimwear line and she makes little girls’ suits, so she had a bunch of her friends bring their daughters over and we did a little photo shoot, just for like their look book on their website. I was there and it was so innocent. Kaya’s wearing shorts and she’s kind of like from the back peeking over her shoulder.

More on the controversy, and more photos of Cindy Crawford from her Esquire magazine photo shoot, after the jump.

Written by J. Harvey

“Some blog site called it a topless photo. I’m like how can you even talk about a four-year-old being topless! She’s a little girl, it wasn’t even, like, makeup or pageantry, or anything, it was truly just like little girls playing.”

I can’t believe she just referred to us as “some blog”. Just playin’.

Obviously, Cindy’s not exploiting her daughter. I would find this story more interesting if she announced she was bringing back MTV’s House of Style. That show was the shit. Remember when Todd Oldham showed us how to decorate our dorm rooms for pennies by drawing on a white comforter with magic marker? That was hot.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. If Janice Dickenson sees the headline on that magazine cover, she’s going to show up at Cindy’s house at 3am full of tequila and throw rocks at the windows before vomiting and passing out under the mailbox.

  2. ThePinkSuperhero

    Surely Cindy Crawford could see why some people might find those photos inappropriate. There may not have been anything sinister going on at the shoot, but to put pictures like that of your children out there for all to see….. doesn’t strike me as wise.

  3. BoutrosBoutrosGhali

    She effed up her face.

  4. Amy

    Cindy is a fucking IDIOT!! I don’t like her because she competes with her son for attention. Shortly after Presley was born, she was on Jay Leno and David Letterman and the Rosie O’Donnell show rolling her eyes any time an interviewer would praise Presley for his good looks. She is a BAD MOTHER! She just wanted a daughter and that’s it! I feel bad for her son. What a DIVA!

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