Cindy Crawford Still Putting The Rest Of These Bitches To Shame

She looks good, huh? Here’s some pics of Cindy Crawford, 41, frolicking on the beach in Hawaii with her husband, nightclub owner Rande Gerber. Cindy has two kids, Kaya and Presley and still looks like a hot piece. Get it, Cindy! Cindy’s proud of her post-childbirth body.

“When I was 23, other women could look at me and say ‘Well, she’s never had kids’. But now I have and I know what it’s like to have to lose baby weight.

“I’m actually happier with my body now than I was back then, because the body I have now is the body I’ve worked for.”

Cindy, who came under fire earlier this year for letting her four year old daughter appear in a bikini in some catalog photographs, denies she has ever used Botox or surgey in preserving her looks. This is contrary to what French magazine “Gala” reported last year when it ran an alleged quote from Cindy saying she owes the quality of her skin to her cosmetic surgeon. Cindy’s rep denies she ever said that and claims Cindy was hurt by the revelations. I wouldn’t be too worried? Who reads “Gala”? Seriously, this is America – our typical citizen doesn’t go out of his way to indulge in all things French unless “fries” comes after it.


More photos of Cindy Crawford in a bikini after the jump.