Cindy Crawford Can Still Work It

February 16th, 2006 // 31 Comments

With Cindy Crawford‘s 40th birthday coming up on February 20th, the woman is still looking amazing. It’s gotta be in the genes. I pray that I’ll look that fit at 40.

More images of Cindy Crawford in Max, after the jump.

(Images via Cindy Crawford In Max)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. timk

    Of course she looks great. She’s half Adobe and half Photoshop. All women from the land of Adobe Photoshop look great, especially in low light printed on glossy paper.

  2. Dr. Tia

    She does look great ! She makes me want to be a lesbian

  3. Alley

    I’ve worked with her on “House of Style” back in the early 90′s. She is an amazing woman. Centered, bright and very aware of herself as a business entity. She’s truly decent, as well as a agreat role model for girls with looks (and brains).

    I only wish she was more of a public figure these days. Guess motherhood is very satisfying for her.

  4. No. She really can’t work it. She’s Old.

  5. 40? 40 ain’t nothin’ these days, guys. Keep in shape, have the best care for your skin and hair and whatever, and – forgive the Oprah-esque bullshittiness – you really are just beginning.

    Especially after you lose your gay husband.

  6. Gawky

    What’s with the tuba?

  7. CityKitty

    Pathetic and desperate-for-attention. And not because she’s 40 (plenty of 40 year olds RULE). Because she has no class or standards left. She used to be Pepsi and Elle covers, now she’s Blackglama (hello, ex-peta spokesperson!) and “Max” magazine.

    Just my opinion.

  8. erica

    Some of you are definately hating on her. If she were desperate for attention, she’d be in Playboy. The pictures look awesome. If she required a bunch of Photoshop work, they probably wouldn’t use her because that is expensive and they can use some 20 year old instead. I’m just gussing here, but I bet she’s doing a lot of workoverseas that we will never see. Just give her the credit she definately deserves.

  9. erica

    ok, now I see my spelling errors, so don’t bother pointing them out… guessing, work over seas, etc…

  10. CityKitty

    Wasn’t going to. :)

    She has been in Playboy. Which is fine.
    I’ve just lost a lot of respect for her in recent years. That’s all.
    But, yes, she does have a rockin’ bod.

  11. hatefake

    There really is no need for her to do this, except to pump her own ego. Why does her leg have to be up in the air like that?

    Her body is fabulous though.

  12. Dustin

    luv her, but, way too much obvious airbrushing. the guys way hotter

  13. typo

    yeah. i wish i had her body. i say that as i sit here eating my dinner- fritos, sprite and green onion dip. maybe if i got off my ass and ate right i’d look like her. hey…i’m allowed to daydream.

  14. Newsgrrl

    Does it seem to anyone else that she’s had some work done on her face?

  15. Pgita1

    To be honest, these pictures are awful. Cindy is a beautiful woman, but she looks best when they shoot her as naturally sexy, not dominatrix-tubanatrix-overall strange and unnatural positions. They make her body look freakish, not hot, and she does have a great figure. You can tell this photo-shoot sucked for her, just look at the uncomfortable look on her face.

  16. janet Gunn

    What’s with the tuba? Um, well, she’s blowing a large instrument. That tends to jive with the industry standard. Hatefake is right on: why? really why? is her leg up like that? This shoot is sex sex sex.

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous, and not one of us can begin to hope to look that good. I’m just saying.

  17. Katie

    Hey, she works out a lot, she deserves to look that good. Give it to her.

  18. Dick Cheney's Rifle

    Biiiiig Dyke!

  19. valorious

    Hatefake, I’m with you. Why does the crotch HAVE to be wide open? Why, why can’t women age gracefully in this country any more? Maybe it’s because I’m 44 now, but damn…

  20. Alexi

    Tubas are sexy…Duh!

    I hope you all caught the hint of the sarcasm there. 40s the new 20 silly. I would love to look like her when I’m an old fart.

  21. coffee

    she looka like a man

  22. Silasdog

    Uh, it’s no big deal these days to be in great shape at 40.

  23. Silasdog

    Oops, just a P.S. it’s way easier to stay in fantastic shape if ya don’t have to “work” for a living, when ya have 3 nannies, and plenty of extra income.

  24. doofus

    yeah, she looks great.

    with trainers, a nanny, a nutritionist/chef…a LOT of 40 year olds can look great.

    and especially if they have an airbrusher touch up their photos, too.

    using photoshop to touch up pictures is NOT expensive. it’s one of the easiest programs to use. they didn’t use her because she doesn’t need to be re-touched in photos, they used her because she still has the name recognition, and she still looks good at an age when most models are done.

    I too used to like her, because she was a smartie in a profession full of bubbleheads, but I do feel like she’s sort of a hypocrite…as CityKitty said, she used to be a spokesperson for PETA, and now she’s hawking furs. I’m no PETA fan, but it makes one think she was only doing the PETA thing because it was the “hip” way to think back then.

  25. Lisa

    I’m sorry but I never liked her. I think she looks kind of like a dude. No, I’m not jealous, it’s just that I always thought other models like Claudia and Helena were much more beautiful.

  26. doofus

    oh, and to newsgrrl…she does look a LITTLE bit different…I was trying to figure out if it’s just aging or if she did something, and I think her lips look a little bit more full than they did in her heyday, and we all know that lips get thinner as you get older.

    a little collagen perhaps?

  27. Cheesy

    She STILL looks like a man when she’s doing her “no expression” face.

  28. Innocent_Bystander

    Newsgrrl said: Does it seem to anyone else that she’d had some work done on her face?

    Absolutely! It’s really obvious in those furniture store commercials. My mom, who’s about as celeb-conscious as a earmite, exclaimed “Oh my God, what happened to her face?!” the first time she saw CC in those ads, so if my mom can spot it you know it’s got to be obvious!

  29. jc

    she’s got guts but I’ve gotta give it to her. i hope i look that fab at 40. good for her. she puts those skinny ass ugly models to shame…hahaha.

  30. alicia

    i lived in LA when about the time she was turning 34 and she had a plastic surgery, actually a face lift….so it’ not all natural…lots of exercise and dieting….she can be nasty and selfish, a bit like Naomi…

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