Cindy Crawford Pulls A Tara Reid

August 9th, 2005 // 9 Comments

What happens in St. Tropez, does not stay in St. Tropez.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. steve-o

    how dare you even compare the two…Cindy is a Saint, Tara is a Slut (but I’d still do ‘er)<–who said that!?

  2. bad bunny

    what she really needs is a funnel for the bottle

  3. CityKitty

    Cindy Crawford may be beautiful on the outside, but she is a hypocrite and a fur whore. Revolting.

  4. Drunken Clam

    She needs the Octabong!!

  5. Jane

    Cindy compared to Tara? I see no sweat stains, offensive butt cellulite or face bloat. How could you possibly compare those two???

  6. The big difference is that after ingesting the alcohol, Cindy Crawford remains alert. After ingesting alcohol, Tara Reid looks as if she’s about to pass out in a corner.

  7. mary

    I find these pics kinda fun. Cindy always looks so proper, it’s good to know there is a wild side of her.

  8. Mary

    Dude, it’s Rande Gerber. Her HUSBAND.

  9. An Octabong would be perfect for these partiers! I’d buy one just to donate for the next party.

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