Christopher Mintz-Plasse Talks About Colin Farrell’s ‘Fright Night’ Bite

Fright Night stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Dave Franco and Anton Yelchin headed down to Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse theater for a screening of the 1985 remake, where they charmed the pants off the Texas crowd.  Post-screening,  an audience member asked Mintz-Plasse what it was like to be bitten by Colin Farrell.   Mintz’s  response? “Hell yeah. It’s (expletive) Colin Farrell.”  Well put.

McLovin’ was a crowd-pleaser Tuesday night, giving the audience all the right answers.  Was he familiar with the original before signing on?  Nay.  “I had not heard of it before. I was born four years after it was made,” Mintz-Plasse explained, according to USA Today.

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Last night, the boys headed to the Hollywood screening of Fright Night at the Arclight Hollywood along with Chris Salonga, Lisa Loeb, and R. Brandon Johnson.