Christopher Meloni Leaves ‘Law & Order: SVU’

May 24th, 2011 // 11 Comments
Christopher Meloni

Woah! Big big changes are coming to Law & Order: SVU. On top of the news that Mariska Hargitay is scaling back her work on the forthcoming season of the NBC crime drama, TV Line is reporting that her co-star Christopher Meloni will NOT be back for the 13th season.

Following negotiations that didn’t result in a deal, Meloni will be leaving the veteran crime drama after 12 seasons.

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Producers are hoping to replace Meloni with a “big name,” which is probably a good thing, as he’ll have some very big shoes to fill. Meloni, along with co-star Mariska Hargitay, has been a central figure of the series since it began in 1999.

Hargitay’s character Benson is expected to be promoted at a midway point in the season, leaving room for a new detective – possibly played by Jennifer Love Hewitt - in the lead.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. DKP

    Jennifer Love-Hewitt? Hate it, won’t be watching.

  2. tom

    Good riddance to them both. And while you’re at it, get rid of Fin as well – god how i detest him and his faux, over the top “earnestness.” They are all well past their expiration date. Bring in some new, true talent (Hewitt? … you must be kidding) and bring Munch full front and center. What they have done to Munch’s character is the real crime of this crime series.

    • Heartbroken

      They can NOT be serious getting rid if the best crime fighting duo ever the chemistry between the two is what has kept the show going and the only reason why i have kept watching it.
      if they do take them both out i hope to see a little romance between them at least.
      STENSON or BABLER 4ever

  3. Ryon Mikeska

    What’s the point? If Christopher Meloni isn’t on there, I wont be watching. Good luck to the new comers, they’re being fed to the sharks.

  4. bernadette

    Am very dissappointed that stabler is leaving and mariska will be soon too..nooooooooo i wont watch anymore svu..tooo bad it was my favorite show its going to suck without them…..

  5. gatordoug

    would have loved to see elliot and olivia kiss just one time before their departure. how will they write elliot out? munch made sgt. why haven’t they played into that more?

  6. gatordoug

    i guess i’ll keep watching reruns on usa network. won’t be the same without el and liv.

  7. Sheryl

    Can’t get enough of him…certainly eye candy!!
    Laid up w/ broken ankle, passing time….watching him.

  8. Janey

    So disappointed when I heard this news :( I watch SVU over and over again just because of them (Tuesday USA channel). I also bought the whole collection of 12 seasons. Now Stabler is gone and Benson will be replaced especially with Hewitt.. oh well, it is really sad news!!! Hewitt is maybe a good actress but for SVU… nahh… People love Stabler and Benson, why Dick Wolf let them leave…..? I hope Dick will think about it and let them play again in 13th season…If you want to hire new characters, better start a new show, not replace people who are already there 12 seasons…

  9. Janey

    OPs I forgot… SVU is the only TV show of Law & Order that I watch. Two detectives play so well together and now they are gone… I don’t think that I’ll watch it anymore… Sorry

  10. Janey

    Money is not everything! Because of them, your show become popular and Mr Wolf made a lot of money…. To me , it is give and take.. don’t be too greedy, it wont be good in the long run :)

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