Christmas Evie Starring Jack Plotnick


We’ll get to this very funny video in a second, but first, a little story-time. A couple years ago, I noticed Jack Plotnick, the star of the above comedy short, at The Factory in West Hollywood. Having been a fan of “Gods and Monsters,” and just recently seen him in the hilarious cult film “Girls Will be Girls,” I decided to say hi. I don’t normally do this, but he seemed approachable enough, so I think I said something to the effect of, “Hey, you were great in ‘Gods and Monsters ‘and–and it was at that point I remember him being a little dismissive and sort of giving me this look that clearly said, “stop hitting on me,” which I really wasn’t doing at all. So, then I just sort of sulked away. Now to be fair, loud, drunken bar conversations and situations can easily be misinterpreted and I certainly don’t want to start any rumors that Jack Plotnick is a diva, but I did want the world and Jack to know that I forgive him, because I’m sure he’s been losing sleep over it. I may even show up at one of his acting workshops soon, where I will sit creepily in the back, glaring at him.

Wow, boring story, Wayne. On with the video–it was written and directed by “Arrested Development” and “Aliens in America” producer, Richard Day, who has just informed me that he is hard at work editing “the much more-ambitious Evie-Coco opus ‘The Jizz Party,’ which should be ready in January.” With a title like that, I’m already really excited! Oh, and here is a screen shot Richard just sent over of Coco talking to her baby Preston in his “crib.”

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