Christmas in Hollywood [PHOTOS]

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One of our dearest friends here at Socialite Life, Joe Fitrzyk, spend the day doing some Christmas shopping, and wanted to share a bunch of great celebrity encounters with us. Here was a rundown of Joe’s celebrity encounters.

The celebs are shopping in full force as we approach Christmas.

First, I bumped into Maria Shriver trying to get her gifts from Club Monaco wrapped at The Paper Source. In person, she looks like Audrey Hepburn and was very gracious.

I grabbed a bite to eat at Villa Blanca, Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant in Beverly Hills and her daughter Pandora was my server! She was so lovely, she showed me her wedding photos on her iPhone and we talked forever about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Then, I ran into Rose McGowan shoe shopping at Barney’s in Beverly Hills. Super sweet and approachable, she loves her gays…and was happy to talk about her body of work and take lots of photos.

Next, I bumped into RuPaul picking up flowers at Pavillion’s Marketplace in West Hollywood. I asked for directions to the nearest liquor store, and RuPaul said “10 years ago it would’ve been directions for drugs.” I told him it was a “Christmas Miracle” bumping into him, “Only in Hollywood.” He responded, “and sometimes Poughkeepsie!”

Finally, I came face to face with Beverly D’Angelo shopping for men’s cashmere sweaters at The Grove.

She was thrilled when I offered to help after a sales associate blew her off. I said, “This is Mrs. Griswold–from Christmas Vacation! No commission for you!!”