Christina Ricci Promises To Never Wear Fur Again

Prompted by a fan website closure and some hate mail Christina Ricci apologizes for wearing fur in a recent photo shoot. From

The backlash comes after Ricci posed for the front cover of the fashion-forward magazine, W magazine, wearing a not-so-festive reindeer fur.

However the star, who rose to fame as a child actress in films such as Mermaids and The Addams Family, has apologised to animal rights group Peta after they placed her on their worst dressed list.

An email from the actress reads: “I never meant to hurt nor anger anyone with my insensitivity. For what it is worth, I have received the message loud and clear and will not be wearing fur in the future. I apologize for my offensive actions.”

Hey while you’re doing all this apologizing why not one for your offensive acting in 2002’s Miranda? Yes, I took the easy route.

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