Christina Ricci Forgets About The Flash

December 20th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Just a reminder, ladies. Watch what you’re wearing to those holiday parties.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. King Smart Ian

    Also forgotten was the bag for the head.

  2. tahlullah

    King Ian, you are the cleverest poster on this site. Also, Christina needs to do something about those bangs–so stringy and shiny!

  3. JP Thrashya

    She has a nice body, I’d give her a booze-free rogering with no remorse the next day.

  4. King Smart Ian

    Thank you very much! Always nice to have my puny efforts to boost my not inconsiderable self esteem through random potshots at B list celebrities recognized. Have a great holiday!

  5. Does anybody else think her head is too big for her body, or is it just me??

  6. King Smart Ian

    Her head’s too big for my body and I’m twice her size

  7. KittyLiterati

    To expound on the large head observation: does anyone else think Christina’s über-large noggin makes her extremities look short, thereby giving her the appearance of a dwarf in that photo?

  8. Yes, Kitty…. good observation!!

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