Christina Hendricks Wants To Try Musicals, Gets Saucy In GQ

Mad Men star and va-va-va-voom girl Christina Hendricks has said that she wants to be in a musical at some point in her career.

Asked what she’d like to do next, she told “Oh, I’d love to do a musical. Something whimsical would also be great.”

“It’s pretty weird to all of a sudden have people recognizing my name for the first time,” the 35-year-old said about her sudden rise to fame.

“It’s a really surreal feeling. But I’m not quite at the point where I feel the need to wear disguises in public.”

I’m pretty sure if she wins her Emmy for drama supporting actress, that will all change. Plus she’s about to star in the upcoming film Detachment with Blythe Danner and James Caan.

Check out her hot pics from the UK edition of GQ’s September issue. And for sex symbol status?

The good part about that is maybe I’ve contributed to helping women appreciate themselves the way they are, that we don’t all have to be a Size 2 to be beautiful. Anything I’ve done to help change people’s minds about that is something to be proud of, I think.”