Christina Applegate Brings Her Baby Bump to the Mr. Malibu World Famous Celebrity Surfing Contest

What would’ve made this post even more amazing? A picture of Christina Applegatebaby bump and all – dominating the Mr. Malibu World Famous Celebrity Surfing Contest. HA!

Instead she surrounded herself with sexy, half-naked surfers such as Martyn Lenoble of Pornos for Pyros, Anthony Kiedis and Flea of Red Hot
Chili Peppers, Brian Geraghty from The Hurt Locker, Eric Balfour from Haven,
Sam Trammell from True Blood, Austin Nichols from One Tree Hill, and Eric
from Jane’s Addiction, as seen in the drool-worthy gallery.

She keeps good company and looks absolutely adorable in her flowing maternity clothes while doing it. Christina always looks good, whether she’s raising awareness of cancer or attending a red carpet premiere.

Along with having a few good laughs, the contest in conjunction with the Malibu Surfing Association, is raising awareness for a more green environment.

“The inner pollution of fear, doubt, greed, and anger ultimately
reflects in the outer world of our human bodies and the ecosystem in
which we live,” says Mr. Malibu in a press release.

Mr. Malibu makes a great point, but for some reason, I keep hearing him saying the above statement in the a-typical surfer slur – sorry!

The above is also the perception of, which is hoping to connect the celebrity world and new media in a joint effort to increase the passion for green awareness and highest levels of cultural integrity.