Christina Aguilera’s Marylin Monroe Inspiration

The artwork for Christina Aguilera’s new album was inspired by Marilyn Monroe. I know what ya’ll are thinking – how boring for Christina Aguilera to draw inspiration from Marilyn Monroe; everyone has done that. Well, would you rather her draw inspiration from Paris Hilton? I think not. She does site other influences as well:

She said: “I’m referencing Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Carole Lombard and Greta Garbo.

“We wanted an old Hollywood feel where you’re kind of in the bed, but also being inviting. We got to play a little dress-up. A huge element of this is also a 1920s circus theme.”

The 1920’s circus theme is pretty original though.

More photos of Christina Aguilera in London, after the jump.

Christina Aguilera’s pop art [BANG Media]

Written by Lauren Burch

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