Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’ Too Sexy For This Party?

Christina Aguilera has been promoting her new album all over the place, from talks shows to award shows and reality shows (here she is on the Early Show today), but reviewers have been less than impressed by the singers vocal journey into the future.

Entertainment Weekly gave the album a “C” saying, “That natural gift is too often negated on Bionic by her penchant for stock step-class beats and an aggressive, exhausting hypersexuality.”

Similarly the LA Times were disappointed with how little Bionic showcased Aguilera’s talent saying, “Aguilera plays a hyper-sexed lover bot ready to tie you to the bed posts rather than tie your ears into knots with a well-executed legato.”

Yikes. You don’t get Xtina without the XXX and it seems like she’s just trying out some new sounds to me; they can’t all be ballads.

What do you think?