Christina Aguilera Tries To Desperately Save Her Album

Christina Aguilera is really trying to push her album Bionic, appearing and performing on David Letterman last night after the album has failed to inspire confidence. She’s been on a non-stop promotion tour after media and the music industry have predicted it’ll flop. The singer just recently pushed her summer tour to 2011, a move many speculate was because of poor sales.

So why the lack of confidence? Maybe if Christina stopped trying to do a poor-man’s Lady Gaga and started doing a first-rate X-Tina, she’d be in better shape. Who is her stylist?!

Seriously, the pantless outfit (which already seemed like a strange choice to wear for a slow ballad) was pretty blatant. Christina has always been Queen of Pipes and she should just rock with that, like she did last night on her new track “You Lost Me.”

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