Christina Aguilera Talks Domestic Abuse In TV Special

Singer Christina Aguilera has made no secret about the domestic violence present in her household growing up. But now that the pop star is married with a child of her own, she’s opening up even more about her troubled childhood in a TV documentary.

Aguilera tells E!, in her televised special, “Growing up I did not feel safe. Feeling powerless is the worst feeling in the world. I turned to singing as an outlet. The pain at home is where my love for music came from.”

The musician’s mother reveals in an interview that she once found her four-year-old daughter with blood dripping down her chin. Explaining what happened, little Christina told her mother, “Daddy wanted to take a nap and I made too much noise.”

Things are going great for Aguilera these days, although you wouldn’t know it from the look on her face in these recent pictures of the pint-sized songstress out at a Peaches concert with hubby, Jordan Bratman.

Gallery Info: Jordan Bratman escorts a sullen-looking Christina Aguilera home after they watched the Peaches gig in LA.