Christina Aguilera Stinks

May 31st, 2007 // 6 Comments

Here’s Christina Aguilera, thankfully having retired that Bugle Girl from Company B shtick she’s been flogging all over lately. I’m over it. Bitches are bitching that her new scent smells like death .

Market research groups who tested people’s first impressions of her new range – called Simply Christina – labelled it “tacky”.

A member of one London panel said: “The packaging looked cheap and we went away unimpressed.”

It probably smells like Rosie the Riveter and Burma Shave. That’s the era she’s goin’ for!


More photos of Christina Aguilera and her husband after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. Zekers

    This doesn’t surprise me. Seems to me all those “fragrances” these “stars” make end up smelling like bug spray, and of course a lot of women have to wear half a bottle at a time for the full effect of choking anyone within a mile radius, blech!

  2. muffintop

    J… Give her a break! Do you think she’s in the lab mixing the stuff up on her own? She’s not a chemist, she’s a singer AND A DAMN GOOD ONE!!!

    Rag on these cheese companies that want to make a buck off of a name!

    Holy Crap! it must be another slow news day… What are you people going to do when Lohen is in Rehab and Hilton is in the Pen and there’s no one to write about?

  3. Illinoise

    That’s too bad. I actually like Christina Aguilera and I thought her perfume might smell better than Britney and Paris’ considering they have stanky ass va-jay-jays!

  4. KiAnna

    Ilove her

  5. KiAnna

    Ilove her

  6. xtina lover

    excuse me.. the page was biased. seriously, even britney has her fans on her side now. how can the report says nothing about someone liking her fragrance? Scent’s unique. U may hate it, I may love it. You may love it, I may hate it.

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