Christina Aguilera Shops, Expecting Baby Girl

Out and about with her hubby, Christina Aguilera enjoys a casual shopping spree with his and her baseball caps. This is what celebrities like to refer to as a “low-key” look. I love it. I feel like I’m so used to seeing these two going to costume parties that it’s interesting to see them dressing up in the spirit of dressing down. In Touch reports that the couple are expecting a little girl on December 15th of this year. In the past, the singer has said that she’s planned on raising her children to be bilingual.

“I definitely want my children to know Spanish, that’s important.

“It’s something that I want to start speaking early on in the house, so I’m brushing up on my Spanish and taking out my lesson tapes on tour.”

Yes, I feel the same way. It’s very important to me that my babies grow up with an appreciation of their heritage, since I am, in fact, pig-latina. Or ig-pay, atina-lay, as we like to say in the old country.


More photos of Christina and Jordy doing a little shopping after the jump.