Christina Aguilera Has a Donut Emergency

July 25th, 2007 // 5 Comments

The tiny pop singer with the baby bump isn’t letting her alleged pregnancy slow her down. The opening concert for her tour was in Sydney the other night, and the petite blonde pulled all the stops during her performance on stage. She provided her fans with rousing renditions of What a Girl Wants, Lady Marmalade and Candyman backed up by a live band complete with a four-piece horn section. But before she could hit the stage, Christina had to satisfy a donut craving immediately upon arriving in the Sydney airport for tour. Minutes after her plane landed, X-tina sent her hubby, Jordan Bratman, to get two large coffees and a dozen glazed donuts, further reinforcing speculation that she’s preggo. And that little anecdote reminds me why people aspire to be rich and famous–to be able to be minutes away from obtaining donuts at any given point in time. At least, that’s why I’d do it.


More photos of Christina Aguilera performing on her Back To Basics tour in Sydney, Australia after the jump.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Chrisi

    Somebody better tell her than you aren’t supposed to drink coffee when you’re preggers. Hope it was decaf.

  2. Nathalie McKenzie

    yes you can go ahead and do so immediately

  3. hotmess

    12 donuts!?!?!? seriously, 12????? that aint no baby in there, its dunkin donuts newest advertising space!!!!

  4. Brit’re allowed a little coffee. just not a lot of it. a cup or 2 a day is OK .
    I dont think someone wanting donuts means they’re pregnant though..but i think she is anyways. <3
    i can’t imagine having my krispy kreme run in the news…damn

  5. Glenne

    Britney Spears recently had a huge meltdown during a photosession for OK! Magazine. First, she let her dog take a huge dump all over a very expensive dress, then she got chicken grease all over her gown, then she made several trips to the bathroom with the door wide open, then she disappeared into her car…….she is still a million-billion-trillion times hotter than Christina Aguilera ANYDAY!!!! I would much rather watch Britney take a big, fat, plump, juicy dump than have to sit through an entire torturous 4-hour set of CRAPstina trying so hard to be not-sexy!!

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