Christina Aguilera Growls Out Star Spangled Banner

June 16th, 2010 // 7 Comments

I can’t help but be annoyed by the growling Christina Aguilera does when she sings. Last night at the 6th game of the NBA Finals, Aggy showed up in a black tube dress looking more demure (read as: no flashing vajay-jay heart) and sung the national anthem. Or growled her way through it.

Ugh. Why can no one just sing the song normally? Why is everyone all about these ‘vocal acrobatics?’ I just feel like it sounds like shit. You be the judge and watch her performance after the jump. See more photos of her in the gallery below.

But guess who else was there! Snoop Dogg and and First Lady Michelle Obama. Sadly, not together.

By Justin Thompson

  1. Glassman

    I’m a big fan, but that wasn’t stellar. She’s got nothing on Marvin Gaye when it comes to the SSB.

  2. Leens

    just simply poor. vocal backflips, growling intermixed with actual singing. i’m all for being an artist, but that’s complete overkill. it’s like she thinks we’ve forgotten she can sing. and with performances like that, we have!

  3. daws

    All the warbling ruined it. I love her voice but I agree, she just needs to hold a note and not try to do vocal backflips and crap. Clearly people are telling her that it sounds awesome when she does that. Those people need to stop.

  4. denise

    yeah, marvin gaye was fantastic! whitney houstan was wonderful! But every singer tries to out-do Gaye and Houstan. Christina doesn too many vocal riffs when she sings in general. I am so happy that people caught on to this! Thank you! Now, the only person that was worse…Carl Lewis and Cuba Gooding! HAhahhahahahahah

  5. Sp

    You guys had me prepared for something really awful – instead that was amazing! Flawless performance if you ask me. Love Socialitelife anyway ;-)

    • Justin Thompson

      No, if you want awful…that Anita Baker performance was much worse. It’s not that Christina is bad, she just always has that unique sound when I think she could sing in a more subtle, prettier way which would blow everyone away.

  6. HeavnsGirl

    LOVED IT!!

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