Christina Aguilera Gets Emotional About Her Family

Usually exuding a tough, diva posture, it’s quite unexpected to see Christina Aguilera show her more vulnerable side in an E! television interview special. The petite singer started to cry as she talked about her 4-year-marriage with husband, Jordan Bratman, and their son, Max.

Referring to her troubled childhood typified by an abusive father, Christina became emotional when discussing her current family life.

“Jordan just continuously…just makes me fall deeper and deeper in love with him every day,” the star gushes. “He just exudes such love…and [is] such a great father to Max that it just makes me the happiest woman alive.”

Aww, I have to say that seeing X-tina getting all mushy has melted my heart a bit…as well as her make-up.

Gallery Info: Christina Aguilera
and Jordan Bratman shop in Santa Monica, California.