Christina Aguilera Baby-Belly Poses

December 2nd, 2007 // 21 Comments

We’ve all seen the Christina Aguilera Marie Clare cover, but you may have not seen some of the other shots from the photoshoot. Those are after the jump (tasteful, but NSFW).

(Hint: right-click with your mouse to open the thumbnails up in a new window or tab.)

By Michael Prieve

  1. misc

    Those poses look like it would be hard to keep your balance with a baby belly like that.

  2. I will say it again:

  3. sara

    not attractive. why do celebs and magazines assume we want to see women in all their pregnant glory?!?!

  4. Joy

    Pregnancy is disgusting. Put a shirt on and go home.

  5. someone

    Didn’t Demi Moore start this sh-t. Im really not interested in seeing the belly…seeing my own when I was pregnant was enough for me.

  6. It does freak me out that so many people are grossed out by pregnancy. But is it more disturbing that all I really noticed about this picture was the dreamy jacket she’s wearing?


    Joy: plz live up 2 yur name, girl!!!!

    God does not like ugly!!!!!!


    Joy: plz live up 2 yur name, girl!!!!

    God does not like ugly!!!!!!

  9. T-Bone

    I know, I know, I shouldn’t be grossed out by this photo, but somehow I am.

  10. Ashley

    Wtf. You people .
    Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.

    And uh you guys just jealous that you don’t look like her.
    Grow up.

  11. B

    You people suck some of u only wish u looked half as good as that pregnant. your bf/husbands probably didnt even want to touch you when you were pregnant. if you dont want to see the pictures then dont look at the sh&t its just that simple. there is no use in complaining about how disgusting it is, just go to a new fckn page.

    you are so lame. she looks beautiful.

  12. Jaye

    This is truly beautiful.

    Its is so amazing how two people can produce another. I wish i looked as good as that pregnant!

  13. Ignacio

    I think Christina Aguilera looks beautiful. It is a tribute to to see such a beautiful young woman having it all together. What a contrast with Britney.

    Best wishes to Christina and Jason on the birth of their baby boy, Max. Live long and prosper. Be well.


  14. Sarah

    thoughs pictures are so beautiful

  15. She is so beautiful.

    Why does everyone think this is so disgusting, and yet probably buy crap magazines with worse people on the cover?

    Christina has gotten her life back on track and this proves it. She has a wonderful husband, a gorgeous baby boy, and a great career. She truly has it all. :)

    I hope I get to be so lucky.

  16. Jennifer

    I think that this is ridiculous. Not the spread, no, but the people that are disgusted by it. I’m taking it that none have you have ever been pregnant or had a positive experience with your pregnancy. If you love your child unconditionally, you’ll want everyone to know that you are pregnant, and share your joy with them. This is georgous.

  17. ana

    pragnancy is a beautiful thing nothing to ashamed or disgusted by so if you dont like the pictures go to another damn sight.
    Christina looks wonderful pregnant!

  18. Amy

    She looks amazing. All of you who think she looks ugly or are offended, why did you even look? How childish and closed-minded. A pregnant belly is not an ugly thing. She was proud of her baby and her body and I think she looked beautiful. The rest of you need to GROW UP.

  19. xtina

    ilove u so much xtina,i die for u:(i live whit dream of u:*i love u ilove u i love u

  20. xtina

    christina u are very very hot and sexy:)ur baby is very lovely,ur looks beautiful.:)i love u very much,u are my life:(kiss u my love

  21. xtina

    when i get near,i can’t control what i’m feeling,baby i got so much love to gige u,that i whoul probably want you all the time,i whish tht i spending time whit you:(dear,never i ever wanted anyone:*JUST TAKE IT FROM ME:(

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