Christina Aguilera’s Breasts Are as Big as My Head

February 6th, 2008 // 10 Comments

Photos: WENN

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Christina Aguilera has some insane post-pregnancy knockers! I guess it makes sense that they would explode to such enormity, since I always suspected that she had *ahem* altered them at one point in time but seriously, these things are like 100-miles-an-hour-switching-lanes-like-WHOAH. In the words of Jessica Alba, they do appear mighty “engorged.”

She trotted out her impressive mammaries to a signing of her “Back to Basics” DVD at Best Buy in Hollywood but it’s not all boobies with Christina–she’s also got penis on the brain because of her son’s recent bris. According to the pop star, understanding her husband’s Jewish faith has been a learning experience, but of course, she managed to make sure the proceedings were at least a little dirrty. “We’re such a non-conventional couple, we had a lot of penis balloons everywhere.” Um, they’re called condoms.


12 more photos of Christina Aguilera signing copies of her DVD at Best Buy are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. jbonz

    Goddamit! you mix the bleach with water before you pour it into the machine!
    Won’t they ever learn???

  2. Queen Caffeine

    those can’t be real. and i mean all of it: the hair, the lips, and the boobs.

  3. sssssss

    Oh those are real. That’s what happens when your milk “comes in” after you have a baby. They become MASSIVE and full of milk, and hard as a rock. It’s actually quite painful. That’s the epitomy of suffering for fashion.

  4. realman

    oh my god!

    her BOOBS!!!

    i wish i could be her son!

    give me your milk, xtina!

  5. paula R

    god, you’d think she might have the urge to cover up a bit, she looks really skanky, but then again, she’s a skank!

  6. spaz

    sssssss, they aren’t ALL real. she’s clearly had implants.

    yes, they’re engorged from milk, but they were huge before she even got pregnant.

  7. suzanne

    Anybody seeing the waaaay too white foundation…?

  8. ugh

    Ok the boobs were fake before. Anyway, the girl is latina, why can’t she let her hair and skin tone be more normal in color. Your can see pictures from her disney days that her hair was darker. I’m sure at her age now it is probably a darker brown.

  9. rmil

    geeze, this is kinda sad. go look at early photos she was a size a then she went to a size C job– Now she’s a size E.
    they are clearly FAKE. no ones breast get that large from a baby. I don’t know why she would lie because they will still be super huge once she’s stopped breast feeding.
    She’s had a lot of work done. Now she looks like a blond bombshell, stunning.
    Just too bad she felt she needed to have those insanely huge breasts done; It looks so odd on such a small frame. Still I wish her the best.

  10. raj

    her nipples so dark, so she can give her boobs milk to drink.
    i wanna suck her boobs

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