Christina Aguilera’s Breasts Are as Big as My Head

Photos: WENN

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Christina Aguilera has some insane post-pregnancy knockers! I guess it makes sense that they would explode to such enormity, since I always suspected that she had *ahem* altered them at one point in time but seriously, these things are like 100-miles-an-hour-switching-lanes-like-WHOAH. In the words of Jessica Alba, they do appear mighty “engorged.”

She trotted out her impressive mammaries to a signing of her “Back to Basics” DVD at Best Buy in Hollywood but it’s not all boobies with Christina–she’s also got penis on the brain because of her son’s recent bris. According to the pop star, understanding her husband’s Jewish faith has been a learning experience, but of course, she managed to make sure the proceedings were at least a little dirrty. “We’re such a non-conventional couple, we had a lot of penis balloons everywhere.” Um, they’re called condoms.


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