Christina Aguilera’s New Single ‘Keeps Getting Better’

September 5th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Christina asked the question. Does she keep getting better? Thoughts on the song? I’m not feeling it.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Iffydruid

    I hate the hooks and it seems she’s channeling Pink in both the lyrics and in her singing style on this one. Perhaps too much time spent with the Pink-ster in Lady Marmalade?

  2. Lord

    love it!

  3. les g.

    I like it a lot. Its fun and catchy. She really seems capable of attacking many genres of music.

  4. Juliana

    I LOVE Christina Aguilera, but I’m not feeling the song. That doesn’t matter though, because the girl actually has real talent & she’ll be around longer than any of these up & coming pop tarts.

  5. jaypee

    i must say she is still evolving way beyond and now it seems her music is now sounding like todays genre but i think her voice doesnt fit this genre if she could lessen of her powerful voice i guess it will be wonderful i really like christina eversince but after hearing the song keeps gettin better OMG its not catchy and the lyrics sucks is she peratining to herself that she is a bitch? like britney did on her gimme more days? i think christina is trying to much here i hope she could fix this sooner

  6. c

    I loved it, especially fitting after her newly found motherhood!! She looked, sounded & performed great !! Wonderful comeback!

  7. Bradley

    when i first heard this song i knew i was gonna like it, after i watched the video i loved it. she portrays a superhero and it suites her, shes a great mom, wife, singer, performer and charitable person all rolled into 1

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