Christina Aguilera To Play Tempest Storm

May 25th, 2006 // 5 Comments

I am boozeiful in every single way. Aw sweetie, you’re looking a little tanked here. Maybe she was just doing a little research for her upcoming role in which she will play the notorious burlesque stripper Tempest Storm. The girl had quite the reputation.

Movie bosses are convinced the raunchy hitmaker is the perfect star to play Storm, who set Hollywood alight in the 1950s with her dancing and alleged affairs with Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy.

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Star, “The role of Tempest has Christina’s name written all over it.”

“She’s got the looks – and the moves. People forget the singer has an acting background.”

More photos of a drunk Christina Aguilera, after the jump.

Aguilera Is The Perfect Storm [Teen Hollywood]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. justMe

    this can’t be good.

  2. TJ

    Even in a drunken stooper, Christina is so increadibly hot. Hard to believe that she hitched such a dweeb for a hubby. What a dork.

    You lucky bastard!

  3. Nat

    Isn’t she a little scrawny to be a burlesque stripper?! There’s nothing to bump and grind on that woman. Remember her in the Moulin Rouge video? She looked like a little kid playing dress-up–more like a teenage drag queen than a sexy vixen. Unless she manages to gain at least 15 pounds, I just can’t see it…

  4. Flip

    Na Nat, she is purrrfect. She so needed to loose the black hair and baby fat. Christina is back and hotter than ever!

  5. Cy The Photo Guy

    I agree with Nat. Too skinny for burlesque. Somebody throw her a pork chop!

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