Christina Aguilera Gives Us The Goods

May 15th, 2006 // 18 Comments

Well, well. Christina’s getting dirty again. The signer is featured in a new revealing spread in GQ magazine.

Aguilera’s new album, Back to Basics, due to drop in a couple of months, blends a vintage-soul sound with state-of-the-art beatsmanship to form a throwback/hip-hop showcase for her outsize voice. Interweaving a Weimar-cabaret theme, it is decidedly a concept album. “In the end, it’s really cool to just follow a set vision,” she says. “I think it makes for a better product.” And the vision is a bold one, if not in ways previously associated with the buttless-chaps-clad provocateur.

To promote the album, Aguilera is planning a tour of jazz clubs, including the blue-chip Blue Note, a New York institution. Hearing this news, some may imagine the ghost of Ella Fitzgerald scatting foul oaths in the wind, but it’s also kind of awesome. Imagine for one second Aguilera’s former rival Britney Spears attempting something like this–the idea is insane, a joke. But with the nuclear-voiced Aguilera, who got nasty in public with much grimier originality than Spears’s Hefnerian pigtails-and-letter-sweater cliché, it’s nearly credible. After all, Aguilera has offended much stronger sensibilities than jazz snobbery in her career.

More images of Christina Aguilera in GQ magazine, after the jump.

Queen Christina [GQ]

(Images via Oh No They Didn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. timmons622

    Meet Marilyn Monho.

  2. Small Fry

    Haven’t we already seen all these body parts…just not necessarily all in one picure?

    Great comment timmons. Tee hee.

  3. Wow. Those sexy, Monroe-esque pics are such a treat for GQ’s TOTALLY, UTTERLY, COMPLETELY GAY readership. Far more demographic-friendly to get Jake Gyllenhaal in a blonde wig and throw him bare-ass on white satin sheets.

  4. pook

    wow. how creative and original. She (like Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan ets) is copying Marilyn Monroe. It just pisses me off that nowadays they cant come up with their own poses/photoshoots. Its a shame really. Well one thing is for sure. No one has been able to pull of a good Marilyn Monroe yet. She was a true beauty. Christina on the other hand….

  5. sycamore

    You people are insane. She looks incredible. This world is full of haters. So what if she wants to look like marilyn monroe? What do you want her to aspire to, carolyn manheim?

  6. pook

    obiously looking like Marilyn Monroe is hot. Of course she looks great but its not her look. Its someone else’s look. What would the world look like if everyone dressed like her? Christina (unlike Britney for example) is a real artist with talent and instead of ripping off other people she should come up with her own look, image, and public persona. No one does Marilyn like Marilyn did so there is no use in trying….

  7. dan

    she is so beautiful

  8. Ryan

    She looks hot! And to the people above who said that she’s trying to be Marilyn Monroe, I thin that was the theme of the photoshoot because I saw pictures of marilyn with the exact same poses in the exact same situations. I think it’s what the photographer wanted her to do.

  9. elliott

    i don’t even know how people can be negative about these beautiful pictures

    <3 Christina

  10. moo

    singer. not signer.

  11. Pud

    Ya, she is hot

  12. anonymous

    I’d like to see a full nudity vesion =P. Nice work, Christina.

  13. Fifi

    No one can be Marilyn. I could see if Aguilera was an impersontor, but she is suppossed to be her own act. There will always be Monroe impersonators, but there WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER MONROE. It is sad I think.

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