Christina Aguilera In Rolling Stone

January 30th, 2006 // 21 Comments

While the nipple-ring bearing singer isn’t blonde in this photoshoot for Rolling Stone, her former peroxide ways are coming back to haunt her.

Peroxide packs a powerful punch, and “worst bottle blonde” honors for celebs went to Anna Nicole Smith and Hulk Hogan. Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera rounded out the top three among female stars, with Brad Pitt and Billy Idol ranking second and third among men.

More photos of Christina Aguilera, from Rolling Stone, after the jump.

‘Best Tressed’ [Winston-Salem Journal]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lisa

    who won the caption it contest?

  2. gossipwhore

    ummm OK X-tina what ever you say

  3. Fugly Girl

    Nothin’ says class better than baring your fake ta tas and nipple rings in a magazine. When is she going to pose for Hustler and get it over with?

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s got a fantastic voice, but ewwwww, she’s NASTY!

  4. Grace

    What a skank.

  5. mike oxlong

    Christina is great. She is beautiful and talented. She is no way a skank! people are just mean to be mean.

  6. Carrie Bradshaw

    This idiot (who calls herself a singer yet can’t come out with a CD) should consider becoming a clown. With all her costumes she’s probably be a success. Let’s see, first there was the DIRTY clown with the chaps, then the Marilyn Monroe-wannabe clown with the bright red lipstick, then the frosty clown with the white hair. And now she’s trying a new “punk-rock-with-an-attitude” costume which is rather old. What a joke!

  7. EatACookie

    Aren’t these old pics? She looks good and needs new management.

  8. Silasdog

    3rd rate talent

  9. Hard-On

    I hate Xtina with short hair, she looks good with long hair though. I want to do her in every hole possible!!!!

  10. Reina

    These pics are 3 years old. I’ve got the Rolling Stone RIGHT in front of me!! LOL

    And her CD comes out later this year. HEr fans know that. SHe’s been in and out of the studio for about a year.

  11. Reina

    And to add that she’s MARRIED and in no way was ever involved in any gossip that consisted of her sleeping w/ anyone so the “skank” label FLIES right out the window. Additionally, whomever said she was 3rd rate talent CLEARLY has not heard the pipes on this chic. Her voice is phenomenal. Don’t let your 3rd rate judgements of her cloud your talent meter.

  12. question Mark

    What is she hiding under all that Grude-style hair? Acne? A nose bleed? She could have looked so much better is we could all see her face.She used to look intresting in her pictures but her poses are just so bland now. Maybe that is why she is covering her face in shame…

  13. Kayla

    Why do I just want to run at her with a hairbrush?

  14. Christina Aguilera

    My nips are genies in a bottle. You gotta rub them right way.

  15. Meanie In A Bottle

    I think she is fairly talented. She is very pretty. Britney Spears has a better body but not as talented.

  16. j

    Like a poor man’s Cat Power

  17. lady

    BS has a better body? are you joking? She just has a better irbrushing team.
    Sll the pics of her tanning near the pool all reveal that she is overweight and pasty. And not just know after the kid. she was always like that. Even though both ladies gain and lose all the time Christina has the better body

  18. Fugly Girl

    Here’s the definition for skank:
    skank ( P ) Pronunciation Key (skngk)
    1.A rhythmic dance performed to reggae or ska music, characterized by bending forward, raising the knees, and extending the hands.
    2. Disgusting or vulgar matter; filth.
    3.One who is digustingly foul or filthy and often considered sexually promiscuous. Used especially of a woman or girl.

    While one of the definitions is someone considered sexually promiscuous I think most of us were refering to her in the sense of number 2. I think I can safely say that showing your ta tas and nipple rings while wearing the entire MAC cosmetics counter and a black wig comes off a little “skanky” looking.

  19. doofus

    to reina…

    she’s married NOW, but there was PLENTY of gossip about her sleeping around before that.

    don’t you remember Eminem’s song?

    talented, yes, her voice is amazing, but she is skanky.

  20. guy4u

    i cant wait 4 her new album 2 be released n e time now……

    “maria Bratman” is a kewl name (not betta than christina aguiera tho, n she aint a skank, she’s just proud of her body, (n she should be)
    usually the kinda girls that call her skank, n slag n stuff r insecure about themselve and are fkin ugly as hell. n the guys who normally gays or geeks, n e 1 can see she’s HOT as hell

  21. FashionStudentBiotch

    wats with all the slagging on Christina, I thinks she looks really cool, she covered up, so wats the big deal. At least she gives a good body image to young girls that you dont need to be stick thin like the rest of the Hollywood elite

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