Christina Ricci Shoots ‘Pan Am’ In New York City [PHOTOS]

The commercials for Pan Am are getting us kind of excited for a fall line-up dedicated to yesteryear (We’ll watch The Playboy Club even though that philanderer Eddie Cibrian stars in it).  Today a bobble-headed Christina Ricci filmed scenes for the new series in New York City wearing the most darling teacup dress.

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Not everyone is excited about retrovision.  The Good Wife’s  Christine Baranski told New York Magazine at a luncheon honoring feminist Gloria Steinem,

“I’m rather appalled that they’re now making television shows about Playboy bunnies and stewardesses, and I think, really? Haven’t we gone past that, well past that? It’s one of the reasons I’m so happy to be on such an intelligent show that portrays women as complex, intelligent, educated human beings. But the battle continues. I had the pleasure of raising two daughters, and thanks to women like Gloria Steinem I insisted first and foremost that they get a great education and that they not just rely on their beauty.”