Christina Henrdricks, Elle Fanning And Hailee Steinfeld Dress Up For Chanel’s Exclusive Dinner

Christina Hendricks, Elle Fanning, Lydia Hearst, Cat Deeley, Hailee Steinfeld and Kate Bosworth attended an exclusive dinner thrown by Chanel at their Los Angeles boutique last night (October 27th).  Though I wish that Steinfeld had worn a heel instead of them steel-toe boots, I did adore the dress and seashell clutch.

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My favorite look of the night was worn by Bosworth who wore a buttoned-up tweed dress and booties.  And while I appreciate the yesteryear attempt made by Hendricks, the cut of that dress didn’t do anything for her figure.  Then there’s Hearst, whom we all hate because she looks amazing in those red leather pants.  Bitch.

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