Christina Hendrick’s Super Curvy Photo Shoot For ‘BlackBook’ Magazine [PHOTOS]

Christina & Hubby Geoffrey
The Couple Party In London Looking Stylish & In Love
If there is one woman who’s never afraid to show off her amazingly curvaceous body, it’s bangin red head Christina Hendricks. Even though there have been rumored leaked photos of her on the internet,  the Mad Men star recently graced the cover of BlackBook Magazine and made sure to keep it sexy and cute. But according to Daily Mail, Hendricks says that she isn’t all sex appeal. 

 “I’ve always been really comfortable in my skin, but I’m really just a girl who would prefer talking about my acting rather than my body,” Christina said. 

The actress also says that she was somewhat intimidated to play the now infamous Joan Holloway and her amazing confidence. “She was very openly saying, I have sex, and I don’t care if you judge me. I’m not going to apologise for who I am. Those qualities resonated with people, and have given me confidence,” Christina said.

There is one thing for sure, Hendrick’s does an amazing job of looking both confident and sexy in the series, which will have a fifth season two hour premiere on Sunday, March 25th on AMC. It’s been way too long without Mad Men.