Christina Aguilera Uses Halloween As Excuse To Dress Weird [PHOTOS]

So, Halloween is usually a time when people can go around wearing weird costumes and it’s awesome.

Generally, the hope is that these costumes make sense. Christina Aguilera apparently missed that memo when she showed up to her son’s school in this little ensemble. The Voice judge decided to pair her new pink hair in pig tails, along with a vampire shirt, skull pants and, to top it all off, a pink beanie.

See, I feel like any other time of year we would have chalked something like this up to Christina being Christina, but around Halloween time it just kind of makes her look like she was too lazy to put a costume together, am I right?

And we know she has a kick ass costume in her closet. Although I’m not sure a Moulin Rouge-esque number would be appropriate for Max’s school. Still, I think she could have put some more effort in, cause now she just looks like a crazy person with a pink beanie.

Also, speaking of that beanie, please burn it. Like, right now. No one should ever own a beanie in that color. Come on Christina, you’re Christina! Step up the game! Release some music! Be the change you want to see! Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Christina’s outfit. Do you think it’s as silly as I do? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.