Christina Aguilera Ready For Marriage Number Two

Though they’ve only been dating since November, and her divorce just became finalized four months ago, sources say that Christina Aguilera is ready and waiting to walk down the isle a second time and marry boyfriend Matt Rutler. The two met on the set of her film Burlesque, where he was a production assistant, and have been inseparable ever since. They’re so joined they even get arrested together. Aww, sweet.

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A friend of Christina’s told Star, “”Christina is telling us that she’d love to marry Matt. She’s absolutely consumed with him and can’t stand to be apart for even a minute. She began talking about marriage within months of splitting with Jordan.” Damn Christina, slow down. No need to rush. Also, what kind of friend is that who’ll turn around and talk about your private life to Star? I would never do that, Christina. So let me know when you need a new friend.

If the rumors are true and Christina is ready to get married again I hope it works out. She and Matt are pretty cute together, if a little over the top with the PDA, but still. Her son is only two, it might be nice to have a papa around the mama. Not that his papa isn’t good enough, of course.

What do you guys think of the marriage rumors? Think it’s too soon? Think Christina is ready? Think you’d make a better celebrity friend that Christina’s? Leave us your thoughts in the comments! And check out the gallery for a bunch of pics of Christina and Matt being cute.