Christina Aguilera Smears Lipstick All Over Matthew Rutler’s Face

May 28th, 2011 // 3 Comments

Christina Aguilera has had a rough year and these days, its showing. According to Daily Mail, after appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show Christina and boy toy went out for one crazy night on the town. Seen here, singer Christina Aguilera takes the hand of her boyfriend Matt Rutler as the couple make their way into Osteria Mossa restaurant in Los Angeles, California on May 26th.

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The love birds look nice and put together going into the restaurant, but when they emerge from The Beverley nightclub it looks like Christina mouth raped poor Matthew and he thoroughly enjoyed it. What a mess! Control yourself woman! Hopefully all is well with Christina because NBC is counting on her to help them out and she has been having success on ‘The Voice’. Keep this shit show together girl, for the sake of your own career!

By Chelsi Archibald

  1. mikaela shafer

    oi vey! its sad when such talent heads full speed into a wall .

  2. Mary Lou

    She’s a lush and couldn’t think of her kid and health huh?

  3. cutitout

    Damn! can’t a girl kiss her boyfriend and not be an alchoholic? Don’t think i’ve ever seen christina go in or out of any restaurant without holding on to a friend or bodygaurd due to the heels and 25 flashing cammeras….

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