Christina Aguilera Joins Twitter, Tweets First Tweets

Phase two of operation repair reputation has gone into effect. While Christina Aguilera’s addition to the reality show The Voice (she’s seen here at last week’s press conference from The Voice) was part one, her Twitter debut is effectively phase two.

So far she hasn’t tweeted anything to exciting. Here are her first three tweets:

Here goes my first Tweet! Brace yourselves… So excited to connect with all my fans here. xo – Xtina

Thanks for the welcome to Twitter. I’m getting the hang of this. Never thought I’d say the word “hashtag”. Pandora’s box has been opened.

My girl @reallindaperry has a band called Deep Dark Robot with a new album released today! Check it out.

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Here’s to hoping that Christina won’t have to use twitter to defend any future mishaps. Her reality show The Voice, premieres on April 26 at 9PM ET on NBC.