Christina Aguilera Heading To Judge’s Panel On X-Factor?

While Cheryl Cole seems to be in the bag at this point for a seat on the judge’s panel on the US version of X-Factor, rumors are now swirling that Christina Aguilera has been approached by show executives to join the team.

While Simon Cowell has always been in Cole’s corner, US TV execs probably want more guaranteed star power that is already present here.

An insider has revealed that although Rihanna and Katy Perry have been named as contenders for the role neither have the time to commit to the show. Christina Aguilera, who isn’t doing much of anything these days, could be sitting pretty with a gig like this.

“Christina is the one all bosses are agreed on. She has it all; looks, talent and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind,” an insider said. “She is a massive star globally and her voice is recognized as one of the best of all time so there really isn’t any competition especially where Cheryl is concerned.”