Christie Brinkley’s Ex Counts Photography Among His Hobbies

Tabloid Whore reports that this week’s National Enquirer details how Brinkley’s ex Peter Cook was brilliant enough to take pics of his teenage girlfriend. Sans top.

There hasn’t been very much gossip lately about the ongoing divorce between Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook. But this week’s issue of The National Enquirer reports that the couple’s divorce battle is even hotter than before, after private investigators allegedly found topless photos of Cook’s teenage lover Diana Bianchi on the hard drive of Cook’s computer. A source told The Enquirer that some of the photos showed Cook and Bianchi taking pictures of themselves kissing, not to mention, photos of Bianchi that investigators at first thought were soft core porn. According to The Enquirer, investigators found a photo of Bianchi standing next to a window, arms raised above her head with her bare boobies on display in what was called “a very seductive pose.” No shocker, but Christie Brinkley was reportedly not pleased when she heard about the photographic evidence of her husband’s betrayal. Since Brinkley and Cook are still hashing out the divorce, a source told The Enquirer, “The secret pics will be the bombshell in Christie’s divorce against Peter. Taking them was a stupid thing for him to do.”.”

Here’s a tip for anyone out there cheating on their ball-n-chain. Don’t photograph your adultery. Moron.

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