Christie Brinkley Kicks Her Cheating Hubbie to The Curb

When regular people do stupid shit (like seducing a 19-year old when you’re 47 and MARRIED), we generally have to chalk it up to bullshit and call it a day. But when the rich and famous do it, you get to sue.

Aspiring singer and 19-year old, Diana Bianchi was lavished with gifts (including a car) from Christie Brinkley’s husband, Peter Cook, and eventually seduced by the much older man, which is the basis for her suit against him. In addition to the gifts, she also held a low-level assistant job, which is another important factor in her sexual harassment suit agains Cook.

Now, I know she was fresh out of high school when they met, and that she is supposed to have been naive and otherwise seemed to have a clear head on her shoulders, but let me tell you, even at 17, if a married man bought me a CAR, I would have known that something was up.

Girl, please. If you win that money, I hope you go buy some common sense.

Teen’s on brink of suing him [NYDN Daily Dish]

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