Christie Brinkley Is A QVC Whore

Christie Brinkley has a jewelry line on QVC…and damn straight she wants you to know! While the jewelry is sterling silver with jemstone accents, she insists women can wear it anywhere and just telling them she has decided isn’t enough.

“I’ve been taking them out into real life and wearing them and taking a
picture and putting them up on my Facebook so people can see [that]
it’s jewelry you can wear digging for clams,” she said on Saturday at the Super Saturday benefit for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in Water Mill, NY. Desperate much?

“I’ll wake up in the morning to make my coffee and I’ll put on my white
robe and some of my jewelry and get my daughter Sailor to take photos,” she said. “Wherever we go I’ll be like, ‘Can you snap a picture?'”

Sad. But then again, when you’re hocking your crap on QVC, how long can you go?  .

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