Christie Brinkley FInally Officially Offloading Her Punkass Husband

Remember some months ago when the Hamptons were scandalized because Christie Brinkley’s husband was revealed to be donating hot beef injections to his intern or teenage secretary or some shit? Yeah, well it’s gotten to the legal stage of things.

Christie Brinkley and estranged hubby Peter Cook took their divorce to court on Jan. 22 to work out the details of how they’ll split time with their two children.

The ex-couple, who broke up last summer when Peter cheated with his 19-year-old assistant, Diana Bianchi, hammered out visitation rights with their kids, Sailor Lee, 7, and Jack, 11.

More details on Christie Brinkley’s divorce demands after the jump.

Christie Brinkley and Cheating Husband in Court [Star]

One of Christie’s demands was that she didn’t want Peter to let their kids fly commercial during a level-red terror alert. She also demanded Peter help their children with homework, and Peter asked for the same from her. The couple eventually agreed to a temporary visitation schedule.

Homework? That’s it? That seems almost…rational. Damn. Where’s the money details? I want some Paul McCartney/Heather Golddigga damage! Does Christie still get royalties from stalking Chevy Chase across the desert?