Christian Siriano Takes Back ‘Hot Tranny Mess’

Christian Siriano, winner of this season’s Project Runway, was know for categorizing looks on the popular show as a “hot tranny mess.”

Then in a recent interview with Time Out New York Christian said. “If you think of heterosexuals, they have white-trash women and trailer parks, and we have drag queens and trannies.” Umm…wow.

Christian then pulled the I-have-transgender-friends card, and made a statement to GLAAD saying, “I mean no disrespect to the transgender population and I never will. Some of my close friends happen to be transgender and I think they are some of the most inspiring people in my life … I completely support the fabulousness and amazing fashion inspiration that most transgender people provide.”

Christian also says that his quotes were taken out of context in the article because some comments weren’t used – we’re guessing one of which was a qualifier that made his hetero : white trash :: homo : tranny analogy not offensive.

Please. So not fierce.

Photos: Getty Images/WENN