Christian Bale Visits With Victims From The Aurora Massacre [PHOTO]

'The Dark Knight Rises'
Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale get into character.
Dark Knight Rises star Christian Bale pays his respects to those recovering from the Aurora theater massacre today Tuesday the 24th. After this horrendous mass murder the world was taken back, and to be honest massively shaken up as a whole for obvious reasons.

The Denver Post confirmed that Bale arrived in Aurora Colorado to provide his condolences to those who suffered greatly in this massacre. Bale arrived around 2pm today via an ambulance and spent some quality time with the victims and their loved ones.

“Mr. Bale is there as himself, not representing Warner Brothers,” said an assistant for Susan Fleishman, executive vice president for Warner Brothers corporate communications.

On Saturday the 21st Bale publicly stated “Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them”.

This act of selflessness doesn’t go unnoticed, it provides people with the knowledge that everyone feels and everyone hurt that horrible night.