Christian Bale & Tom Hardy’s Massive ‘Dark Knight’ Wall Street Battle [PHOTOS]

Batman, played by Christian Bale, was filmed brawling with fellow Brit Tom Hardy — who co-stars as Bane — fought outside the Stock Exchange on Wall Street in New York’s Manhattan on the set of The Dark Knight Rises yesterday (November 6).

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The two actors were spotted punching each other while plenty of extras, who dressed as civilians and cops, were fighting around them. According to onlookers, the scene was supposedly about a battle between Bane’s supporters and Gotham cops led by Batman.

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Also during the weekend, Anne Hathaway was spotted filming her scene for the movie in a full costume of Catwoman. She was seen riding the Batpod in the middle of a street fight. Matthew Modine was additionally caught on camera filming the battle scene, donning a Gotham cop attire.

Watch video from the shoot…