Christian Bale Looks Hot, Makes Isabel Lucas Weak At The Knees [PHOTOS]

Christian Bale Tells All
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At least we’re assuming Christian Bale makes Isabel Lucas weak at the knees. I mean, come on, I need to catch my breath just looking at him.

The Dark Right Knight Rises actor was spotted looking perfectly sexy on the set of his latest film, Knight Of Cups. Co-star Isabel looked gorgeous as well wearing a dark pink dress and letting her hair flow freely in the wind. Well, she didn’t so much let it fly as her hair person did, but you get the point.

Christian is just getting all the hot co-stars in this film. You do recall Christian and Wes Bentley looking super fabulous, don’t you? I’m still not sure how I’ll feel about this movie, but at least I know that I will enjoy looking at it.

I mean, super attractive and talented actors in a Terrence Malick film. I may not like Malick, but his films are quite pretty.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the set. Now, who would you rather spend a weekend with? Isabel Lucas or Christian Bale? Tell us your pick in the comments!

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