Chris Rock’s Paternity Stalker Is A Jailbird

The lovely lady claiming that her 13-year-old is Chris Rock’s spawn has a rap sheet .

TMZ has learned that 36-year-old Kali Bowyer, who Rock never denied having a fling with several years before he met wife Malaak, has an extensive criminal past riddled with numerous bizarre police encounters, and a penchant for telling wild stories. According to a thick stack of government documents obtained by TMZ, Bowyer was convicted of DUI in Georgia, charged with theft by deception last summer, and is facing charges of running an elaborate cell phone scam.

More Kali Bowyer craziness after the jump.

And it doesn’t end there! In the last two years, more than ten incident reports detail some truly strange encounters with police, including one in which cops say she claimed to have been held at gunpoint and forced to “ingest some white powder,” a tale which her own son contradicted under questioning. Bad checks, domestic disturbances, and several veracity-questionable incidents left police scratching their heads.

I love that one about being forced to blow rails at gun point. I know several twenty-somethings who would be using that excuse if it was at all valid. Everyone’s on the powder nowadays! Didn’t Nancy Reagan go on “Diff’rent Strokes” to prevent this? Anyway, this chick first turned up ten years ago when the kid was three with this Rock is the daddy claim. Chris wanted to take a DNA test at the time, but this hagatha vanished. And now she’s back, and better than ever. It sounds like the kid should be PRAYING that Chris is the Dad, though. He needs to get away from this crazy.

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