Chris Rock Love Child, Never Meant To Be?


The National Enquirer is reporting that a woman has stepped forward claiming that her 10 year old is Chris Rock’s kid and a new source of rueful comic material for him. I don’t even know if “rueful” is a word. But I do know he joked about this very thing and now’s it’s come true. Bitch tempted fate and fate slapped him upside the head!

A former girlfriend is claiming Chris is the father of her 13-year-old
son Jordan, who suffers from seizures. And she believes the comic’s medical history may help with the boy’s treatment.

“Take the damn DNA test!” blasted 35-year-old Kali Bowyer in an exclusive NATIONAL ENQUIRER interview.

“My son’s 13 now and he knows what’s going on. He told me the other day, ‘I don’t need him in my life, just to take the test so I can find out what’s wrong with me.'”

Jordan has undergone a battery of tests to try to determine the underlying cause for his seizures, but Kali is unable to provide doctors with the teen’s complete medical history without Chris’ cooperation. She filed court papers on March 15, 2007, in Georgia, requesting that Rock take a paternity test and pay child support, medical coverage and attorney fees.

I love “take the damn DNA test!” Kali is my hero. Not everyone hates Chris, just his ex-girlfriend and his kid with the seizures. Bower also had this to say:

“I just think that it’s rude that Chris just won’t respond. His attorneys exact words were, ‘This is going to disrupt his life.'”

And now Kali has a final message for the comic: “Take five minutes, tell your wife you’re out for a cup of coffee, go to the doctor’s office and get the DNA test done.
“In five days we’ll have an answer.”

Will she marry me?

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