Chris Rock Keeps Better Track of His Sperm Than Eddie Murphy.

I remember a time, when pictures of celebrity kids, were blurred out, and the media respected the minor status of children.  I remember a time when the only celebrity stories in the media, were puff pieces, scheduled photo shoots, or movie premieres. It seems as though since Britney fell in love, and under court ordered control, and the resident weirdo the tabloids used to pick on, Mr. Michael Jackson, is dead, that something so mundane as a family friend visiting, a child no less, is news fodder. 

So what if Chris Rock does or doesn’t have a love child?? You know, and I know, he’s not about to call any of us up to roll out to 1Oak, nor is he presenting us as his child on David Letterman in a receiving blanket.  So let the man enjoy his family life.  We’ll know for sure somethings up when he calls a press conference and proceeds to bone and or get a blow job from 1 or more random skanks, mmm-kay, so relax people.

Here is Chris, not taking us for a ride and an ice cream in in Audi, driving around Santa Monica, enjoying a beautiful, no ‘love child’ having day.